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Guide ♣︎ Charman's Spy Defense Guide ♣︎

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by charman305, Jul 11, 2014.

Guide - ♣︎ Charman's Spy Defense Guide ♣︎
  1. _Charman Obsidian

    Hello everyone! I’ve played this game for about a year, give or take, and have learned a lot while playing. What I’ve really learned how to do is spy defend. While it sounds easy, there are a few things I would like to share with you on how to spy defend effectively.

    First of all, I would suggest getting the HCF toggle sneak mod, it makes spy defending much easier, along with no pain on your finger! But if you don’t have it or don’t want to get it, that’s okay too.

    And also, if you were wondering, there is no time set for spy defending, that is your choice. But for me, I choose to go in this order: (optional steps have a * next to them)
    1. Make full iron
    2. Get 37 gold for strength 2 splash
    *3. Make full diamond
    4. Spy defend until phase 4
    5. Make the pots
    6. Spy defend for the rest of the game.
    You can choose what you want to do, although I'd suggest my course of action. But yes, it is your choice.

    Now, let’s begin!

    1. Finding Your Spot
    2. Potions
    3. Effectively Defeating the Rush
    4. A Few Tips

    1. Finding Your Spot

    I think the most important part of spy defending is the spot. If you don’t find a good spot, it’s very challenging to stop the rushers. Now, the first thing you look at while choosing a spot is your situation. Are you solo or with a group? In the case that you are solo, it is much harder to find a spot. YOU need to stop all the rushers from doing a ton of damage to your team, so the spot must be stealthy and easy to access the rushers with.

    Here are some tips to help you choose your spot while solo. (It works on any map!)

    1. You must not be in a space where the rushers will try to hit, so I would advise NOT to stand in front of the nexus.
    2. You must be in a space where it is quite easy to get to the rushers, most importantly the miner. (I will explain why later, but I think you have a pretty good idea why the miner must be targeted.)
    3. You must not be too far from the nexus, or you will lose the element of surprise.

    Here’s an example of a hiding spot I use on coastal:

    and here's one I do for Andorra:

    and one on Canyon:
    [If you can't tell, it's the tunnel right next to the nexus on the left side.]

    These hiding spots are perfect. They are close to the nexus, but not too close so the rushers will hit them, and from that spot you can target the rushers quite easily.

    When you are spy defending with a group, it’s a little different. I would put a few people in spots that you would choose for soloing, one or two people on the stairs, and one very close to the nexus. With that, you get:

    1. Damage taken on the stairs. If they don’t use a gapple, this is very effective to killing the rushers.
    2. One person to give the rushers damage before they mine. Also very effective.
    3. A 2-4 man group to finish the job using an extreme amount of surprise on the rushers, thinking all the spy defenders are dead.

    With this, it is quite hard to beat your spy defense!

    2. Potions

    Now, another important aspect of spy defending: Potions. You need to know what to make in what situation. It sounds simple. Just make strength pots and you will be good. But not only do you need to know what to make. You need to know how to use them to your advantage.

    There is no situation in spy defending where regen is necessary. Ever. You aren’t fighting long enough for regen to do anything when you spy defend. The only potion you should make are strength 2 potions. Gapples are exceptional too if you have the time and feel like doing the work. But if not, strength 2 potions are good enough.

    Splash potions are not 100% necessary, but I would suggest them for soloing because they take less time to splash than to drink, and the rushers may hear you. Again, it isn't 100% necessary. You can drink while looking straight up or down and you will not get unvanished, but I prefer splash.

    In a large group, splash potions are definitely necessary. Rushers are coming, and are breaking through your walls? Get the spy defenders together and splash! It reduces the amount of gold necessary to stop a rush by a ton.

    With all of this in play, the potions you use should put you at a major advantage.

    3. Effectively Stopping a Rush

    You have all of the tools to stop a rush in these last two sections, but actually stopping it is easier said than done. There are a few ways to stop a rush. As usual, I’ll be splitting them into solo and group spy defending situations.

    In a solo situation, a big (or even small, depending on the gear) is hard to stop. In this case, there is one person you must destroy at all costs. The miner. I can almost guarantee you 100% that no one else will have a pick above a regular iron besides the miner. Once you kill him/her, the rush is destroyed and you have caused it. From there, all the leathers will run down and kill the rushers eventually.

    Once you kill the miner, you can try to kill everyone else, or at least some others, but it’s hard. Just try to kill the miner, then focus on what’s next. Don’t think too far ahead.

    In a group situation, it is much easier to defeat the rush, maybe even completely. Here are the steps on how to destroy a rush with a group.

    1: Damage them on the stairs. Not only will they not be expecting this, but it will contribute greatly, even if it is just one or two hearts.
    2: Attack them by the nexus. If you are standing close, they may expect it, but you can still get a good amount of damage on them. Still, they are likely not to be killed at this point. Maybe one rusher, but not most.
    3: Ambush them from your stealthy hiding spots. THIS they will not be expecting. This should, with 2-4 people, wipe out most of the rushers. As I said before, aiming for the miner is key first, then focus on everyone else.

    One thing I haven't mentioned at all is stopping an invis rush. This is much easier than stopping any other rush, you just kill the miner. There will usually only be one person rushing, and only a few hits on the nexus will happen. But in the late game, all hits matter. With this in mind, you can spam click your sword and you will not unvanish if you are not hitting a player. This will unvanish the invis for an easy kill on your part.

    4: A Few Tips

    Here are a few tips to keep in mind while spy defending!

    1. You can get 25% more damage with a backstab, so keep this in mind while killing the miner!
    2. You may get a few strength pots and good gear when killing rushers, so if you do end up surviving, making tons of pots and great gear isn't 100% necessary.
    3. Try new things! Splash insta damage and poison pots are great if you don't splash them on yourself.
    4. Be careful with strength splash. Make sure not to splash them on a rusher, and make sure you splash it on yourself!

    With all of this in play, it should be easier to stop rushes. It takes some practice, but I’m sure you guys can do it! Spy defense for life!

    [I am also open to whatever suggestions you have on the guide. This took me a lot of work but I am totally okay with you giving me suggestions on what you feel isn't okay about the guide. Thanks in advance!]

  2. eternalmars Gold

    Nice and fresh new guide.
    charman305 likes this.
  3. _Charman Obsidian


  4. MangoSmoothies Platinum

    There's a little trick I won't disclose where you can hit people, drink potions, and eat food, and do other things. And it won't unvanish you.
  5. iCryEveryTime Platinum

    It's a good start for Beginners. After they become more experienced, they could maybe change some things up for themselves. +1 for good guide. :3
    charman305 likes this.
  6. eternalmars Gold


    p.s. its not really a big secret
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  7. Murgatron Retired Staff

    I would recommend using the default font (tad irritating to read for me) but otherwise awesome guide. Mind if I link it in my defense guide?

    Edit: Put this on the anni wiki for you too :wink: :)
    charman305 likes this.
  8. JeTi_Brothers Platinum

    Nice thread. Again :stuck_out_tongue:

    Off topic:
    Dat pokemon doe!
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  9. Zeafling Platinum

    A very good guide for anyone who plans to defend their Team's Nexus. Thanks Char :)
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  10. _Charman Obsidian


    Thanks, Murg! And what is the default font, may I ask? I'll change it!

    Thank you!

    Thanks :D
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  11. KevinEduardo2002 Gold

    This guide will help me a lot :wink:
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  12. Murgatron Retired Staff


    If you look at the top left of the editor, you'll see an eraser. This removes all formatting and resets the text font to default of the forums :)

    Also may I link this in my guide (never replied :stuck_out_tongue:).
    charman305 likes this.
  13. Pikachu8091 Platinum

    Awesome guide!
    Maybe add some passtimes? We all know that some people get a tad impatient..
    charman305 likes this.
  14. _Charman Obsidian

    Thank you! I will change the font.

    Edit: You may link it in your guide! I am very honored.

    I don't know if that is completely necessary, it is boring but I mean, do what you want in those times. If you have any direct suggestions for passtimes, you can tell me and I may or may not add them :)
  15. Valadro Gold

    Charman, could you please maybe show examples of good hiding spots on other maps too? Other than that, 10/10 :heart:
    charman305 likes this.
  16. _Charman Obsidian

    Yes, I may add a few others like on Canyon, Kingdom and Skylands.
  17. TheGreatFish Gold

    Char, I think what might help is telling us when to spy defend. Should we start defending near the end of phase 1, or should we try to enchant a weapon? Nice post, though!
  18. 323465963 Retired Staff

  19. _Charman Obsidian

    Yay! Thanks!

    Ah yes, will edit that.
  20. MangoSmoothies Platinum

    It isn't. It just gets on my nerves when you can't see the guy hitting you. So I don't need more people doing it. -_-
    On the contrary I like doing it. :3
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