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MineZ Rules

Languages: English

MineZ Rules and Policies

  1. Alternate Accounts Abuse Policy (Alt Abuse)

    Alt Abuse in PvP

    • A combat situation or fight begins as soon as a player sees an enemy player. Active melee/bow fights are not required to start a combat situation. This is to prevent occurrences like logging on empty accounts at hidden places to check towns for enemies or check size of the enemy group before logging on a PvP account. Slowness on login also automatically starts a combat situation.
    • If a player gets told about a nearby enemy group but doesn't see them themselves and then switches accounts, it does not count as a combat situation, even if both places where they logged off and where the fight is about to start are very close.
    • After fighting, logging on an alt account within 500 blocks radius of the fight location is never allowed for 30 minutes after the fight, even if the player doesn't plan to continue to fight on the alt account and wants to do dungeons/something else that is in no way related to the fight they just had.
    • Outside of the 500-block radius, players are allowed to log on to alt accounts to play immediately after they fought. However, they must ensure they don't interfere in any way with ongoing fights that involve their team or the teams they just fought. Exception: Completely unrelated fights at very different locations.
    • Use of an alternate account within 30 minutes of a fight to regear an account used during combat, an applicable team, or to support the same fight in any way is not allowed.
    • Accepting items from an alternate account to regear with, even if you are not the owner of the alternate account is not allowed.
    • Use of an alt to get back items after dying in a fight is not allowed.

    Alt Abuse in PvE

    • Using an alt to continue a dungeon attempt after dying on a separate account is not allowed.
    • Alting to 'solo' a dungeon that requires multiple players normally is allowed, however, you are not allowed to bring more than the minimum required accounts into the dungeon. The minimum is shown on the hologram at the start of each dungeon as "Minimum Players". Dying on any account means the run failed and you are not allowed to bring an additional alt in to continue.
    • This rule also only counts for solos. It does not apply to duos, trios etc.
    • Entering Axis Mundi with multiple accounts is not allowed. Players can only enter with one account per opening.
    • You are not allowed to use several alts to farm for MineZ Achievements, Shotbow XP, or any other farmable statistics.

    Alt abuse cases are given out on a per-person basis. If you share accounts with other players, you subject yourself to be banned based on the others' scales if the MineZ Team is unable to definitively tell who is using the accounts at the time of the offence being committed.

    More information on MineZ's Alternate Account Abuse Policy can be found here. This post has a definition of alts, examples of what we do not consider alt abuse, and other details.

  2. Chat Abuse

    On MineZ, a majority of chat abuse that can occur will be muted for, rather than banned. Keep in mind this is not the case for every offence that we punish for. Mutes are given out on a per-account basis in almost all cases.

    If a player is temporarily muted, they are not able to appeal the mute. For permanent mutes, they are appealable after some time, but if the player continues to gather offences, they will be permanently muted again with no chance to be unmuted.

    Some examples of what we will punish for are:

    • Advertising
    • DDos threats
    • Doxxing
    • Excessive toxicity
    • Inappropriate messages
    • Player harassment
    • Racist and homophobic messages
    • Spamming

  3. Compromised Accounts

    A compromised account is an account that we believe has either been hacked (and is then used for malicious purposes) or is being used by an individual that we do not allow to play on Shotbow.

    In most cases, these bans are able to be overturned. You can do this by submitting an appeal with proof that the account in question has been secured. If it is appealed and there is no proof that the account has been secured, it will be denied. For cases that we do not overturn the ban, the account will not be unbanned at any point.

    If you believe your account(s) has been compromised, you can request that it's banned until it's secured again.

  4. Blacklists & Limited Accounts

    The MineZ Administration team uses a blacklist. The players on the blacklist are not allowed to play on Shotbow on any accounts under any circumstances. If a blacklisted player is found on Shotbow, they are banned as the admin that finds them sees fit.

    When a blacklisted player appeals, they will in most cases be given a date for further consideration of their case. While a player is told to appeal then, it does not mean that their appeal will be accepted. This could be for several reasons. Historically, the main reason we have denied appeals after giving a player a date is due to evading (playing on the server while blacklisted).

    When a blacklisted player is unblacklisted, they will be put on the Limited Accounts Agreement, which places additional restrictions on them alongside the standard Shotbow rules.

    Limited Accounts Information:

    The portion that is sent in all appeals for an unblacklisted player or someone being placed on limited accounts is below. These are the restrictions that the players must agree to and follow the entire duration that they are on limited accounts.

    • You can only use one account on Shotbow to start. This means no alts are allowed to be used for any purposes, including storage. You can appeal for subsequent accounts after time has passed since getting your first account; these appeals will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Subsequent accounts on a Limited Accounts Agreement are not guaranteed.
    • You must own the account you request and guarantee to us that it will not be taken away by Mojang or a person who previously owned the account. If any of the accounts you choose while on the Limited Accounts Agreement have this happen, you will be able to change your account ONCE per account. Any further requests to change will be denied. If the account you are requesting is banned, it's ban must be related to your blacklist for it to be unbanned.
    • You are not allowed to share any of the accounts you choose to use while on the agreement with any players.
    • Excessive toxicity can result in you being blacklisted.
    • Failure to report bugs can result in you being blacklisted again.
    • Failure to report hackers or blacklisted players will result in you being blacklisted again.

    Breaking any of the restrictions and rules stated above can result in an immediate blacklist being placed on a player. It is also the responsibility of any players on limited accounts to ensure they are aware of the most recent versions of both the Shotbow rules, alongside the Limited Accounts Agreement.

    Once they have read their appeal response, they are told to make a second appeal telling the MineZ team what account they intend to use as their starting account. If they ever intend to change that account, they should make an appeal informing the MineZ team of why, as well as the name of the account they would like to use.

    Generally, players will receive an account every three months. Accounts will not be given to a player if they make an appeal early. There are repercussions for bad behavior, which include delays in receiving accounts or a full unblacklist. If bad behavior is consistent, a player will be on limited accounts for longer and eventually be permitted to use three accounts (rather than the standard two).

    A full unblacklist means that a player no longer has to follow the limited accounts restrictions, and is able to appeal any remaining accounts that were banned as a result of their blacklist.

  5. Replay Mod

    Players are allowed to use Replay Mod to assist in creating cinematics and other video elements. If you are found to be using the mod to see parts of the map that players are not able to get to, or other information players are not typically able to have, you will be banned.

  6. Confusion Regarding a Ban and Blacklisted Player Information

    In some cases, you are able to reach out to a member of the MineZ Administration team for information regarding bans. Common cases are outlined below. This does not outline every reason that you can ask for information from an admin. If it is not listed here, it will be discussed if we are able to provide that information, and you will be informed of the result of that discussion.

    • If a player is considered blacklisted and what the primary reason they were banned for was. For example, we will say that a player was blacklisted because they were using a modified client, but will not tell you what they were using in specific.
    • When you should appeal your blacklist, in the event that you forget or are not informed.
    • When you should appeal for more accounts if you are on limited accounts, in the event that you forget or are not informed.
    • Information on your personal most recent alt abuse ban. You can ask about how what you did was alt abuse, or how the tier you are on impacts you currently.

Note: We reserve the right to modify these rules at any given time without warning or advanced notice.
Last update: June 24, 2022.

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