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Annihilation Rules

Annihilation Rules

  1. Alternate Accounts (Alts) Policy

    In-game (including the voting lobby) - strictly one account per player per game. You may not operate multiple accounts simultaneously while playing Annihilation.

    Note: Using an alt to record and submit bug reports is allowed.

  2. Kill/Stats Farming

    If you have complete control over another team's base/nexus, you must play the objective, you may not choose to farm kills instead. "Control" is defined as "having the upper hand and being in a position to damage the nexus without considerable danger to yourself or your rushing group".

    Artificially farming kills, such as repeatedly killing a friend or an alt is not allowed.

    Note: Farming an enemy TP or a location other than an enemy base is allowed.

  3. Cross Teaming

    My enemy's enemy is my friend. Cross teaming is allowed as long as it doesn’t harm your own team in any way.

  4. Water Curtains / Excessive Flooding

    Excessive water flowing from a considerable height, like water curtains from sky-bridges or sky-platforms is not allowed as this can cause server lag. Using water for the purpose of getting down from a sky-bridge is allowed, as long as it is not excessive (e.g. one or two single streams).

    Flooding your base, including your walls to slow down enemies, is a legitimate form of defense. Flooding every single tree and structure on the map is not. We are only concerned with excessive flooding, please use common sense when placing water.

  5. Hackusating

    Please don't call out cheaters in all chat, this often results in cheaters turning off their cheats or leaving the game and prevents us from catching them. If you encounter someone who is breaking the rules, alert patrolling staff by using /report [player name]. Help staff by adding a comment to your report using /c [comment]. Alternatively, if you have evidence, you can report them on the forum via our Report a Player section.

  6. Resource Packs

    Resource packs are allowed as long as they don’t give an unfair advantage.

    If the resource pack provides extended functionality/visuals over the official default Minecraft resource pack then it is considered an unfair advantage.

Note: We reserve the right to modify these rules at any given time without warning or advanced notice.

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