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Play Now!

How do I play?

Easy! First you need to download Minecraft. If you don't own a copy of Minecraft, you can buy one from Mojang.

Open up Minecraft

Open up and log into your Minecraft client.

Click on the Multiplayer button

Click on the Add server button

Add the central lobby into your Minecraft client
(US.SHOTBOW.NET for the Americas, EU.SHOTBOW.NET for Europe)

Click on Shotbow in your server list and click Join Server

Find the game you want in our Central Lobby System.
The game servers are under the big sign for each game.

Right click on any villager to see that game's servers or join it's lobby.

To connect even quicker, open your inventory when you spawn in to access the Game Selector - or right click it in your hotbar.

And then pick your game in the selector!

and Enjoy!

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