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Last activity:
May 15, 2019
Apr 3, 2013
May 19

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Obsidian, Male

ZPapz96 was last seen:
May 15, 2019
    1. LordKFC
      zpapz i got banned for hcfprobable something

      j wasin a lobby and got banned ... i was just chatting pls help me i dont even play hcf
    2. CyberW
      Please give me another chance i didn't know that programable mouse isnt allowed
      i wont use it ever.
    3. Dreakzy
      I never hacked... why am i banned ? I'm sorry i'm not english, and i don't hack :(
    4. del0
      hey zpapz86 can i talk to you please!
    5. Ju1cY_0n3
      Looks like your wall needs a mop...
    6. rocketman430
      Hello ZPapz I recently Made a ban appeal and I would like to get some info back on if I will be unbanned or not
    7. ThisIsMyUserID
      Please help me. I was banned earlier today. I was spam clicking my mouse to kill peeps cause I was defending my nexus. And I got banned for "hacked Client"
    8. hockeyman22
    9. romangeeks
      Anyways, please forgive me. I love this server so much and I won't do any more rule breaking, promise! Sorry if I couldn't say this in the other comment, the thing limited my words. Anyways, thanks!
    10. romangeeks
      Hello, I guess since I can't repost my thread multiply as you said, I'm going to personally contact you about my case. I really love this server, and if you can just please make my ban at least 1-3 days that'd be nice. I promise you, I'll learn my lesson from just 1 HOUR (that's how much I love this server). In addition, I mean come on man. You don't get
      banned from spamming, usually from hacking,
    11. deadlyae
      I appreciate your reply.
    12. sawman99
      ok ok id like to say i like u better than the other ban counselor dude, how long is my ban?
      1. KARLITO262 likes this.
    13. chaserobbo
      Thanks for giving me a chance. I guess. Just think about how unfair this is.
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  • About

    May 19
    I am an 18y/o male who lives in Montreal Quebec (Canada) I attend college full time, work and play hockey. My schedule is packed but i always like to make room for shotbow. I own 5 alts on TheShotbowNetwork: "ZPapz96, ZeePapz, ZPapz, Darn_Luvs_ZPapz and ShotbowNetwork_" All of which have had premium at some point. I am also one of the few donators who have proudly surpassed 1000$ in total donations.
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