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Last activity:
May 15, 2019
Apr 3, 2013
May 19

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Obsidian, Male

ZPapz96 was last seen:
May 15, 2019
    1. Methelin
      Great to see you back as a staff. :)
    2. Mistri
      Grats on watcher!
    3. NobleJury
      Your name is oversaturated. Oh wait...
    4. iCryEveryTime
      Congrats on HCF Watcher
    5. Tiltzored
      Thanks for doing the give away! Tell me the approximate time we can get the xp please.
    6. diamond1
      thanks for the xp ^^ much appreciated. il be putting the thanks in my sig. if I can fit it that is hah!
    7. Methelin
      Happy late birthday! :D
    8. Rawr_Its_M16
      I got your head from an Iriduim hacker o 3o
    9. Paul_Pogba11
      Are you kidding?? "I still have time for some video games" yet you seem to have made a ton of appeals and have a ton of achievements completed... You are a nerd. It's fact.
    10. Advantageous_
      Omg. I wanna be like you <3 I wanna be a Ban Appeal Counselor liek u <3
      i cri evrytim I read one of ur comments <3
    11. Axistio
      So many ban appeals...
    12. BrainBlower100
      ZPpaz is not a "Ban Hammer" yet
      OR IS HE
      1. ZPapz96
        Dec 15, 2013
      2. BrainBlower100
        Can you unban people?
        Dec 15, 2013
    13. Suoermario
      You have a lot of appeals on your profile.
      1. ZPapz96
        Yea lol, back when i was a BAC
        Dec 5, 2013
      2. Not_Botifier
        Before you were a Bank of America Corporation?
        Jul 28, 2014
    14. ericappleson
      I agree rox9495 should be unbanned, he hasnt done nearly as much rule breaking as other people that hack... I think its only fair that he is unbanned...
    15. rox9495
      Hey man can you please unban me I wasn't spamming it was a misunderstanding please
    16. duloposculose
      hi im banned, they say i has use hackedclient. that isnt true, i was spamming my mouse and my trackpad on my laptop!! and then boom im banned, can you pleas unban me!!!!! my mc naam is duloposculose
    17. knightcrusher7
      You will not regret this i promise. Think about it
    18. cookiemaster313
      i left my room and my brother spammed the chat and now i cant play. i play like almost everyday plz un-ban me. my name is cookiemaster313
    19. Sky_day
      i got banned and the reason is that i used hacked client but thats NOT TRUE, i did't got alot of NOCHEATED and now am i banned by the reason YOU'RE USING HACKED CLIENT -.-
      1. DreadAssailent
        Same dude. I killed so many zombies in 1 minute that i got banned for the same reason.zPapa pls help!
        Oct 13, 2013
    20. LordKFC
      can u help me man
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  • About

    May 19
    I am an 18y/o male who lives in Montreal Quebec (Canada) I attend college full time, work and play hockey. My schedule is packed but i always like to make room for shotbow. I own 5 alts on TheShotbowNetwork: "ZPapz96, ZeePapz, ZPapz, Darn_Luvs_ZPapz and ShotbowNetwork_" All of which have had premium at some point. I am also one of the few donators who have proudly surpassed 1000$ in total donations.
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