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Aug 17, 2020
Apr 3, 2013

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xxsaundersxx was last seen:
Aug 17, 2020
    1. RonyRulesAll
      Saunders dude could you give us a date for the clan match & Could it be on the weekends?
    2. eternalmars
      Saunders a friend of mine has made a beast map called galleons and well its a ship map and he would like to know if sand can be added because he wouldn't want his fun map to be rejected so can sand be added to anni maps? Thanks in advance and respond when you can :)

      P.S. Thread so you can see it http://shotbow.net/forum/threads/71014/ <----- Map :D
    3. Pichiii
      Hey, I wanted to ask if you could add Enderchests in Annihilation?
      Maybe at the spawn where everyone can put in all his expensive stuff like diamonds, gold etc.
      Hope you will read this. :)
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    4. Caram2
      Heya, Saunders . The Clan Match is coming up some time soon, and we seem to need another team! How about the final team, is well, its you! The ShotBow Staff! Get some admins/moderators/developers and make a team to take us down with! :D
      1. Qantas737pilot likes this.
      2. xxsaundersxx
        Before I added the game to shotbow there was a small moderator clan which me and some friends would occupy, I would gather a group of streamers to help test the pre-alpha gamemode and me and a bunch of friends would all join red team as team havoc, I honestly would be up for that idea. Give me a date and I will see what I can do
        Aug 21, 2013
    5. xMachoMancha
      Hello saunders, I hope you can take some time to watch my project I put together based on the Annihilation gamemode, one of the most addictive and fun to play servers over any console game.

    6. Gizcow
      hey I've got a pretty decent suggestion for annihilation.. You should make lumberjack an unlockable class. Maybe if you cut down 1500 pieces of wood you get it. Like miner. I know many people would find it useful to use in-game, but let's be honest... no one is going to spend 25,000 xp on it. Just saying.
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    7. mika7903
      :D i won the giveaway now waiting for exp.
      1. mika7903
        When will be getting our 25k?
        Aug 1, 2013
    8. UNSC
      PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEEEEEEEEEASE make it where you can re-join if you crash mid game. My MC tends to crash often so I instantly lose out on the fun, this is to the point where I don't even try for diamonds, because I know I will crash in phase 1,2,3 (the usual ones I crash in). This is a pressing matter, please bring in re-logging like Minez and Wasted, just have them spawn at there spawn.
    9. YouAreNowOP
      xxsaundersxx, I can't join Annihilation games but I can still play any other minigames. This really confused me. Keep in mind that I NEVER EVER played Annihilation before. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P3WXyq7GrQI <---Video Proof of the Problem // IGN: julianrafalo People are telling me that you could have banned me from Annihilation. If so, please unban me I never hacked or did anything wrong.
    10. Ender3737
      When will the next Annihilation update be released? I look forward to new classes and to unlock older classes. Also, will the current stats we have toward the classes such as miner be reset or not?
    11. Rainbow_Dashi
      This post sure is old!
      1. notswipe
        Mar 28, 2019
    12. RazeShard
      Hi, I understand you are the one accepting annihilation maps, so I was wondering how I am suppose to send you the schematic file. I am also wondering if I could some how show you me and my partner in building's work so far.
    13. RazeShard
      This way you can see if there are anythings you would like us to change or make better, so we would not dissapoint you, Please respond soon, as we are planning to have the map done tomorrow, thanks.
    14. techno_letsgo
      1. dylanxbox likes this.
      2. techno_letsgo
        Also check out some threads on pages 1-3 they look like they can be very useful. Like kits, ideas about nexuses, and shops and etc.
        Jul 12, 2013
      3. dylanxbox
        He does and sometimes Very Rare Like a gift of god HE ........... COMMENTS!!!!!!!!!
        Aug 20, 2013
    15. ArykhDragon777
      I am working on a Annihilation Map and I would like for you to checkpoint my progress. Pretty much see what I've made so far and check that it will work for the game. That way I don't finish the map only for you to say you can't use it. Please message me back so I can invite you to the server I'm building it on.
    16. Dal548
      xxsaundersxx I absolutely love Annihilation but ive been having problems with the invisible potions. Like the placing of block I loose it right after I place a block down or destroy blocks. Im not sure if you have put it in like that or it is just bug and was hoping you could get back to me on it. I truly love Annihilation but that has been bothering me thanks for the game mode your awesome.
    17. QuarterTrout
      Do you know what the chance is for me to ignite an enemy in Annihilation as a pyro?
    18. UNSC
      xxsaundersxx you have created a gamemode that I truly love. It is by far the greatest gamemode I've played yet! The only problem I have with it so far is my mc crashing and losing all my progress. But other than that this is by far the best gamemode on shotbow. Keep up the great work!
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      2. EccentricAzn
        Sep 18, 2015
      3. Drakonkinst
        Feb 25, 2016
      4. Superbob1000
        RIP necro.
        Apr 12, 2017
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