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Last activity:
Apr 15, 2021
Aug 25, 2013

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RacingAce was last seen:
Apr 15, 2021
    1. Impactify_
      1. Imobilizer, RiftWalker, Assasin, Acrobat, Berserker, BloodMage, Builder, Defender, Enchanter, IceMan, LumberJack, Pyro, Scorpio, Spy, Tinkerer, Transporter, Vampire, Warrior, HandyMan, Civilian.

      2. North America {eastern}

      3. Yes

      4. About 7 with sword. About 9 with bow

      5. Defence, Mining, and brewing.

      6. 14

      7.Yes [i have skype]
    2. clontb
      hey racingace

      Assasin and builder.
      Yes i am.
      6/10 with a sword and 8/10 with a bow
      I always build Defence's and I like to do that.
      I am 14.
      Yes, of course.

      bye, hope to see you on the battlefield!
    3. dsfife1
      Hey Racing Ace
      I'm dsfife1
      I. I'm in UT
      2. I'm active and play pretty much every day
      3. I'm probably a 6-7 on the pvp scale
      4. I'm good at collecting iron, gold, and diamonds and get a lot for everyone
      5.im 14
      6. Skipped classes so here: Miner Warrior Archer Scout handyman
      7. I do follow orders well
    4. Halfie
      1. What classes do you have? Enchanter, Acrobat, transporter, miner, warrior, and archer
      2. What time zone are you in? UTC
      3. Are you an active player? Yes
      4. How good would you rate yourself out of 10 for PVP? 7to 8
      5. What are you good at? (Recourse gathering, brewing, defences, ect) Very well
      6. How old are you? 14
      7. Do you follow orders well? Yes i do
    5. Halfie
      I'm Trying to apply for your post on "Team Apex" And when i got to start a private conversation with you there is no button in your profile. So is there any other way i could send you the info thanks!
      1. octodroid
        You can just post it here if you want.
        May 14, 2014
    6. xXSexyTanXx
      Donate Some Xp Maybe 25000 XD
      1. xXSexyTanXx
        jk you dont have to
        Feb 20, 2014
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    The killer from Portsmouth
    The swordsman from SBG
    The sniper from Wasted
    The leader of TeamApex
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