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Last activity:
Mar 26, 2019 at 9:32 AM
Aug 11, 2013
Home page:
Guardian of the Past

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Network Lead, Male, from Scotland

Yikes it's February of 2019 already?! Roadmap for the coming year due very, very shortly! Feb 2, 2019

Murgatron was last seen:
Mar 26, 2019 at 9:32 AM
    1. DutchBartje
      No more BAC Lead Admin? Feelsbadman :(
      1. Murgatron likes this.
      2. Murgatron
        Nah, moved onto other parts of Shotbow instead :)
        May 17, 2017
    2. Jetix
      1. Murgatron likes this.
      2. Murgatron
        May 16, 2017
    3. marco_polo24
      "I love the new pads that were given to tinker but I feel like my teammates and especially enemies would be tempted to break them. Will they be returned to my inventory if so?" - From Hinge15J
    4. Smartz_
      Now your name tag is in BOLD. How does this make you feel.
      1. Murgatron
        May 19, 2017
    5. Crustations
      I'm so scared but so anxious :P
    6. Christian_PVP_
      Look at my signature
      1. Murgatron likes this.
    7. Fluffoon
      "On the first day of Shotbow, TheKitty gave to me - A MachineBow to the knee.

      On the second day of Shotbow, Robert gave to me – An M60 machine gunnery!

      On the third day of Shotbow, Jacob gave to me – A gold pick with efficiency!"

      and so on, fuck character limit
      I love this, piece of art.
    8. Murgatron
      Alrighty 1.9 is out and oh boy is change coming! Just finished play testing an Annhilation update today with staff, exciting stuff!! :D
    9. _Swipe
      I like to think that in your profile pic you are using the Shotbow, and just 360 mlg no-scope quad-eyed your enemies with one shot and blew up their computers.
      1. Fluffoon and Murgatron like this.
      2. Murgatron
        To be fair I am holding a shotbow ;)
        Apr 16, 2017
      3. Fluffoon
        And of course, such a piece of art is drawn by Avi :)
        Apr 23, 2017
    10. Heartinq_
      Murgatron could u response on my message?
    11. Crustations
      I figured out how to make a ban appeal! Posted! Thanks!
      1. Murgatron likes this.
    12. Murgatron
      Cannot wait for 1.9 to roll. So many changes, additions and general awesomeness to come! :)
      1. MuffinMinister
        happy 1 year anniversary
        Mar 11, 2017
      2. Maashg
        Updateeeeeeeee!!!!! :D
        Mar 24, 2017
      3. HungerHealer
        Mar 26, 2017
    13. LegendaryAlex
      Good events dood!
      1. Fluffoon, okometabetoku and Murgatron like this.
      2. Murgatron
        Thanks, they only happen thanks to Jeroenhero though :) give him some love!
        Mar 5, 2017
      3. LegendaryAlex
        I also gave him love dont worry, buddy :)
        Mar 5, 2017
    14. Smartz_
      It looks like your playing air guitar with your bow..
      1. Superbob1000
        I've always thought the same, actually. :P
        Feb 19, 2017
    15. Fluffoon
      It's so fluffy I'm gonna die
      1. NotSwipe likes this.
    16. Robertthegoat
      I phan!
      1. Murgatron likes this.
      2. Murgatron
        The one and only goat <3 i fan bk :D
        Feb 18, 2017
    17. henzze
      1. Fluffoon, HungerHealer and Murgatron like this.
      2. View previous comments...
      3. henzze
        Hehe, how's it going buddy! <3
        Feb 18, 2017
      4. Murgatron
        Not bad mate, full time job, gurl and my own digs so cannae complain. What about you, where have you been hiding? :P
        Feb 18, 2017
      5. henzze
        I've been hoarding all the cookies shh. Haha I dunno don't play Minecraft. Mostly playing steam games.
        Feb 18, 2017
    18. Tonkatsu129
      1. Murgatron likes this.
      1. Tonko921 and Murgatron like this.
      2. Murgatron
        Feb 11, 2017
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  • Signature


    Home page:
    Guardian of the Past
    A long-term player, first found Shotbow with the public release of MineZ through a small Youtuber, before the "Network" and other gamemodes existed. I was never able to slay a Giant due to being kicked for "flying" by the stomp :stuck_out_tongue:

    Came back to Shotbow with the release of Annihilation around August 2013. Played defensively due to my poor FPS (max 30, often less!) and occasionally supportive roles - building mid bases, defending the "Golem Bridge from the mine-rushers of Yellow (poor red).

    I joined the EU clan Phoenix and shortly afterwards became their Master Defensive Builder. Released a few videos on my defensive tactics that gained 5000 more views than I ever expected :zanonymous:

    With a new PC ( :eek: 60fps!!) I began to organise and lead attacks in Phoenix, often using challenging new tactics such as No Potion Phase 2 rushing, to overwhelm un-coordinated teams with similar player numbers!

    In the fall of 2014 I helped Vaecon and Aet2505 shape the update to Annihilation 1.6 and eventually 2.0.

    The winter of 2014 I was approached to become an Annihilation Admin, completing my training and on active duty January 2015.

    In October 2015 I was promoted to a Full Administrator, which leads to my duties today. These include:
    • Training Annihilation mini-admins
    • Working on Annihilation update
    • Scripting and directing GoldRush media
    • Scripting and directing Wasted:Control media
    • Hosting Annihilation Events
    • Forum 22 Support
    • Handling /reports across Shotbow
    • Still playing, occasionally ;P
    In April of 2016 I took over as Ban Appeals Lead from Aoife.

    In April of 2017 I stood down from Ban Appeals Lead. I currently now focus on shaping Annihilation development and management, as well as other Shotbow projects (SECRET).

    In November of 2017 I began helping out with other administrative functions!

    In January of 2018 I officially became Network Lead of Shotbow.

    Christmas Carol!
    On the first day of Shotbow, TheKitty gave to me - A MachineBow to the knee.

    On the second day of Shotbow, Robert gave to me – An M60 machine gunnery!

    On the third day of Shotbow, Jacob gave to me – A gold pick with efficiency!

    On the fourth day of Shotbow, MrSnare gave to me – The power of the force!

    On the fifth day of Shotbow, WaterPolo gave to me – FREAKING DBV!!!!!

    On the sixth day of Shotbow, Socom gave to me – A cuss word and a birdie! :stuck_out_tongue:

    On the seventh day of Shotbow, Laura gave to me – My ass thrashing me in GG! (GG!)

    On the eighth day of Shotbow, Maji gave to me – A zombie pigmen for me to flee!

    On the ninth day of Shotbow, Owob gave to me – A senpai to FINALLY FREAKING NOTICE ME

    On the tenth day of Shotbow, Bjarn gave to me – A crowbar to go bust some knees!

    On the eleventh day of Shotbow, Lazer gave to me – A Goldrush shop for a spending/wrecking spree! :D

    On the twelfth day of Shotbow, Numbers gave to me – BUGS OH GOD BUGS ARHABDOWABOMPMA

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