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May 22, 2014

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back cos of quarantine Mar 23, 2020

    1. juj
      im brb
      1. iCryEveryTime
        hi brb
        Mar 26, 2020
    2. iCryEveryTime
      back cos of quarantine
      1. iCryEveryTime
        Sep 28, 2020
      2. xotwodelise
        go back into quarantine
        Nov 18, 2021
    3. waltster
      homie you have so much XP
    4. iCryEveryTime
      i still get emails from here maopfjaojoegnjae;gmaol;kgmel;kmgae
      1. Fluffoon likes this.
    5. NotInRange
      didn't expect you to still be lurking...
    6. cokc
      i have been freed
    7. RyanTehDude
      Im back nibba, good playing smash with you back in 2012-2015
    8. ShotbowNetwork
      waffle cone headass
    9. Cole5slaw
      living machine broke
    10. LegendaryAlex
      Woah you follow soo many people O.0, that means that I cant feel special if you would follow me... Dont follow me pls
    11. hiddenbun
      Baby come back
      1. Fluffoon likes this.
    12. jinl3e
      Thats a lot of people you're following!!
      1. iCryEveryTime
        Mar 19, 2017
    13. Braiti
      Miss ya m8
      1. Fluffoon likes this.
    14. shrauger
      watch your language
      1. RarelyFowy likes this.
      2. anuty0
        are you the fun police, InstantLightning?
        Nov 24, 2016
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    If you're still browsing this website, understand it is impossible for this server to ever be as popular as it was because the staff is incapable of adapting to the players' desires and it has been this way ever since saunders left. Shotbow did a terrible job in the developer selection process in that either the developers they chose are not ambitious/productive enough, don't work well with each other, or Shotbow simply did not hire enough. I have interacted with a few devs in the past, who seemed ambitious about their game(s), so I would hope the first option isn't true. Apparently there's a marketing team... what do they do? Not an insult, just curious, and if you'd like to answer, be specific. Shotbow has enough money to linger for this long, I think the money would've been better used either to invest in developers and admins, or to get Minecraft "influencers" to play on the server. The best form of advertisement is word of mouth, but you could try the latter.

    If you need a little proof that the server cannot adapt, the server experienced a rise in player count when new games like Minez 2 and Mine Theft Auto came out, but this came with an awful retention rate. For MineZ, this is shown by the ~100 pages of forums pages in the first year of release from Oct 2014 to Oct 2015, then 10 pages over the next couple of years, which by then, most posts were grievances. This is unusual; look at the forums of a server like H*p*x*l, and most posts are celebratory. A similar trend can be observed with MTA, but it had a slightly better lifespan since it somehow developed a small, but loyal player base.

    After many years of Shotbow ignoring proposals that could've changed the trajectory of Shotbow for the better and even worse, not coming up with anything better, it seems the most likely way for any games on here to get traction like it used to would be by offering them to a larger server, ideally H*p*x*l. However, if you haven't yet accepted that you will never repeat your glory days on this server, for your own sake, please accept it.
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