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Feb 23, 2014
Shotbow Games
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    Shotbow Games

    Shotbow Game is The Shotbow Network's take on popular best selling book's theme "Hunger Games". In Shotbow Games up to 120 players will spawn in after clicking the sign located in the lobby for the desired server they wish to join. Upon joining the game the player is given a random special ability or chooses one from the /kit command after joining. After the countdown ends all 120 players will spawn into a randomly generated world and be given 120 seconds of invincibility. After x amount of minutes player will receive a warning that the Feast is about to begin.

    The feast is a large collection of chests that appear after x minutes into the game that are ripe full of enchanted weapons, armor, potions, and food. More importantly the Feast serves as the catalyst and the end of the game as it's riches draw in a major portion of the remaining server population to fight over the goods. It is also at this point when the server begins shrinking its boundaries towards the center of the Feast forcing the game to an end where the last person surviving wins.

    How To Play

    After connecting to the Shotbow Games server from the lobby you will be transported to the randomly generated map that you will play on. You will be given a random kit of items/abilities you will play as unless you have already purchased one with Shotbow XP from the XP Shop. If you've already purchased a kit you can access it by typing /kit nameofkit or if you don't know the name you can just type /kit and see the name from that list. Use this precious time to scout for available resources and get a sense of direction. After X amount of minutes you will spawn into the game with upwards of 120 other players.

    After spawning into the map you will have 120 seconds of invulnerability. Use this time to get away from the other players and find a suitable place to setup a temporary base. You will want to use all of your Minecraft survival skills you've learned over the course of playing Minecraft at this time. Your primary goal is to acquire the best armor possible and food to sustain yourself until the Feast is announced. Beware of any other players around as there can only be one winner at the end of the match. Kill anyone who gets near or be prepared to flee.

    After X amount of minutes into the match the Feast will be announced in chat. It is at this time you need to make your way to the Feast if you plan on having any chance at winning the game. The Feast will be a randomly generated mound of chests chock full of diamonds, armor, weapons, potions and resting at the very top an enchanting table - arguably the most important tool. It is here where you will make your final stand. Use any abilities you may have to clear a way to the chests. You want to acquire the best armor possible and kill everyone around you while maintaining your own health and hunger. It is a delicate balance and requires true mastery to accomplish. Upon equiping yourself you want to destroy the Feast with TNT or pour lava on it to ensure you maintain the advantage. It is at this point the boundaries of the world will begin to shrink forcing the remaining players to head towards you. There should only be a handful of people left alive at this point and if you have the gear from the Feast you will have a distinct advantage hunting down the remaining players. After the last player is killed and you are all that is left remaining - you win! Congratulations because this is a difficult accomplishment!

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