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We accept the following payment options:

Use "Paymentwall" at checkout for PaySafeCard.

Premium Packages

Premium packages give you all of the perks listed on the left side of this page. Remember, your rank and XP multiplier never expire. Premium packages are non-recurring, meaning we do NOT charge you again (i.e. monthly) for these packages.
Platinum - Unlimited, 3x XP $100/£65*
Gold - 7 Months, 2.5x XP $50/£33*
Silver - 3 Months, 2.0x XP $25/£17* Basic - 1 Month, No XP Bonus $15/£9* Trial - 7 Days, No XP Bonus $5/£3*
XP Packages

Not interested in premium features or a reserved slot? You can buy XP here. While you receive none of the premium perks listed on this page, you get immediate XP that can be used to unlock classes, perks, and more! XP packages are non-recurring, meaning we do NOT charge you again (i.e. monthly) for these packages.
550,000 XP $50.00/£33*
250,000 XP $25.00/£17*
100,000 XP $12.50/£8*
25,000 XP $5.00/£3*

Subscribe $9.99/£6.50* Monthly
A Shotbow Network subscription is for users that want to go above-and-beyond to support the growing monthly costs of our server network. Subscribers get a number of special community benefits to show off their support. Subscribers receive:

• 50,000xp at purchase and 100,000xp at each renewal
• 0.1x additional XP multiplier per renewal (capped at 1.0x). This adds to your rank multiplier, so a subscriber of four months who is also silver would have a 2.0x + 0.4x = 2.4x multiplier.
• A unique subscriber only pet each month (pets are granted to active subscribers on the first of each month)
• A special Subscriber suffix on all servers

This package renews automatically every month until you cancel the subscription. We know that any recurring payment is a huge commitment and thank you for the huge show of support.

* Prices in GBP (£) subject to change based on US/GBP exchange rate at time of purchase.

Earn XP faster!

Shotbow XP is earned by playing any of the network's various games. Premium ranks receive a bonus on XP earned, allowing you to quickly gain additional XP that can be used to purchase perks, new classes, and more. Also, if your premium time expires you get to keep your rank and XP multiplier forever! You can also upgrade your rank by purchasing additional packages in the future.

• Basic and Trial: No XP Multiplier
• Silver: 2.0x
• Gold: 2.5x
• Platinum: 3.0x

Premium benefits in all of the Shotbow game modes

Shotbow premium gives you a ton of benefits in all of our game modes.

• Immediate access to our premium mode When in Rogue
• Ability to join full teams in Annihilation
• Colored armor / permanent grappling hook / ability to choose your spawn in MineZ
• Access to the time trial leaderboards in Death by Void
• Ability to create custom arenas in Crafty Bomber
• Ghostpass in Ghostcraft (ability to be the ghost automatically once every 30 minutes)
• Colored name to match your rank on all game modes
• Achievements and stat tracking unlocked for supported games
• And much more! (we are always adding cool premium benefits)

Reserved Slot Access

Server full? Not a problem! You get reserved slot access on all game modes so you
never have to wait for a spot to open up

Private Server Access

Get access to private premium only servers, including the PvE (PvP disabled)
private server for MineZ, and the premium When in Rogue gamemode.

Try out new game modes before everyone else!

As a premium member, you get the chance to try out all of our newest
game modes before anyone else. Your feedback on new modes will
influence how the game plays on release. What are we working on?

• A MOBA style pvp game mode
• A full MMORPG in Minecraft with the capacity for thousands of players per world

Payment Frequently Asked Questions

How long has the Shotbow Network been around?

The Shotbow Network has been around since February of 2012. We have had the honor of speaking at MineCon 2012 in the Modding with the Pros panel and were also honored with our own MineZ panel. The network is managed by a professional staff with backgrounds in finance, banking, and computer science. You can buy with confidence knowing that your money is supporting a team that works tirelessly to bring you new, innovative gaming experiences. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.

I don't have a credit card, how can I pay?

Many of our users who do not have credit cards have said they purchase with prepaid debit cards. These can be found at your local convienence stores. We also take PaySafeCards (use Paymentwall when checking out) which is popular among our European players.

Do you store any of my credit card or personal information?

No we do not! When you purchase a package from us, you will use either 2Checkout or Paypal to complete the transaction. Both 2Checkout and Paypal are reputable merchant providers that are PCI Level 1 certified, the highest level of certification possible. We also do not store any personal or payment information on our servers.

Are the packages reoccuring fees?

No. We only charge you one time for a package and if the premium expires we DO NOT bill your credit card again. To purchase a second package you would visit this website again and go through the payment process a second time. Note that we do have a "Subscriber" package which is an exception to this and does bill monthly. Subscriptions are handled by Paypal / 2Checkout / Paymentwall and we do not collect any payment data. All other packages only bill a single time.

HELP! Why can't I add anything to my cart?

Some users have issues when using a particular browser. If you are having issues, you may try using Firefox or Chrome. If you still encounter problems you can attempt to use our Buycraft page directly.

How long does it take my purchase to go through?

Purchases are credited automatically as soon as you complete payment. However, if you do not have your access after 60 minutes please contact us. We try to answer all payment related emails within 24 hours, but are normally much quicker than that.

Can I upgrade my account?

Absolutely! We base upgrades on the dollar amount spent towards premium. For example, if you are gold today ($50) and purchase an additional gold ($50) three months later, we can upgrade you to the platinum name tag ($50 + $50 = $100). Upgrades only count for Silver/Gold purchases, and do not count for special packages such as XP points or other non-premium related purchases. Purchases must also be made towards a single username and upgrades are not eligible across multiple usernames. Upgrades should happen automatically, but feel free to contact us if you did not automatically receive your upgrade.